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Photocats, also known as ONT, are products in the xpon network access scheme. In general, a cat is an ONU. It is a optical network device for the client. Strictly speaking, a cat should be part of the ONU. The difference between cats and ONUs is that cats are optical network terminals, which are directly located on the client side, while ONUs are optical network units. There may be other networks with users, such as Ethernet. Under the ONU, you can access gateway devices for xDSL or Ethernet access, and then access to the network terminal.

The era of fiber optic access has come, but the lack of terminal Optometry has become an unbearable weight for FTTH construction. As an important part of the terminal, optometop directly affects the reliability, maintainability, and extensibility of the entire solution. Huawei Light Cat, ZTE Light Cat, and Firefly Cat have developed thinly in the access field. With more than a decade of technical accumulation and many years of terminal development experience, a series of FTTH terminal light cats has been launched.

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