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Original board

Service board is an important part of OLT work.

Huawei OLT equipment SmartAX series is based on Huawei's third-generation unified platform development, the world's first convergent OLT. Huawei OLT fusion convergence exchange function, providing high-density xPON, Ethernet P2P, GE/10GE interface, high-clock precision TDM, Ethernet dedicated line service, can achieve smooth Internet access, video and voice and other high reliability service access services; While enhancing the reliability of the network, it saves investment in network construction and saves the cost of transportation.

Huawei OLT series products include large-capacity SmartAX Huawei OLT and medium-capacity SmartAX MA 5683T OLT two specifications, two specifications of product hardware and software are fully compatible, saving network preparation costs. Among the two specifications, the large-capacity SmartAX Huawei OLT can provide 16 business slots, and the medium-capacity SmartAX MA 5683T OLT can provide 6 business slots.

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