Huawei released the European AI ecological plan, investing 100 million euros in 5 years

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[France, Paris, November 5, 2019] HUAWEI ECO-CONNECT EUROPE 2019 was successfully held in Paris, France. At the conference, Huawei officially announced the European AI ecological plan based on the company, and announced that it will invest 100 million euros in the next five years, and the new era of European computing will be opened.

Four major initiatives to promote the AI ecological strategy

Jiang Tao, vice president of Huawei's intelligent computing business unit, said: "Huawei is firmly committed to the AI computing industry in Europe, enabling and helping enterprises and individual developers to develop technology and business innovation based on Huawei's AI series products. The company will invest 100 million euros a year, with industrial organizations, 200,000 developers, 500 ISV partners, 50 research institutions and universities, to fully launch the European AI ecological plan."

First, build a European AI industry with partners. Huawei will promote cooperation with key European organizations in three aspects: promoting AI ethics, AI security and other norms and standards around AI Alliance and ETSI; promoting AI PPP EU project by BDVA (Big Data Value Association), promoting AI research, European vertical industry Development; together with FALLING WALLS FOUNDATION to build a European AI university ecology.

Second, joint solution development with ISV partners. Huawei will provide support for ISV partners in hardware, development and migration, and joint market expansion with two OpenLabs located in Munich and Paris as AI Competence Centers.

Third, enable European developers. Huawei will enable European developers around the online developer community and offline technology salons, developer contests, and developer support.

Fourth, establish the joint creation AI curriculum and teaching materials, and establish a joint laboratory. Huawei will provide three AI courses for cooperative universities: basic AI theory, based on the development of the promotion and mainstream framework, the software architecture and development guidelines, and the release of four upgraded development materials in 2020. At the same time, a joint laboratory is established with cooperative universities and research institutes to develop algorithm models and basic applications.

Atlas full range of products provide super AI power

At this year's Huawei Connect conference, Huawei released a training series based on the industry's strongest computing AI training processor, the 910 training package, including the AI training card Atlas 300, the training server Atlas 800, and the AI training cluster Atlas 900. , side, cloud AI full scene. At this point, Huawei has completed the full range of Atlas product layouts, providing the industry with superior training power and accelerating the intelligent re-engineering of the entire industry.

Atlas 300 training card can provide 256T FLOPS computing power, which is twice the current training card in the industry. The number of pictures per second is increased from 965 to 1,802. It supports 100G RoCE straight out high-speed interface, and can realize gradient parameters and data sets. Parallel transmission reduces the gradient synchronization delay by up to 70% and reduces cluster training time to seconds.

The Atlas 800 AI training server integrates eight Soaring 910 AI processors in a 4U space, providing 2P FLOPS of superior power, and the computing power is 2.5 times that of similar products in the industry. Atlas 800 weighs only 75 kilograms, less than half of the industry's similar products. It has 32 hardware decoders and can process 16384 1080P picture decodings per second. It is 25 times the processing power of mainstream products in the industry, and can be processed in parallel with training. It supports air cooling and liquid cooling, which meets the requirements of enterprise data center and cluster high-density deployment. The single-machine energy efficiency is 1.8 times that of similar products in the industry.

The Atlas 900 AI training cluster consists of thousands of ascending 910 AI processors. Under the standard ResNet-50 image classification model for measuring AI computing power, Atlas 900 completed training in 59.8 seconds, which is 10 seconds faster than the original world record with the same accuracy. It is the fastest AI training cluster in the world. Atlas 900's powerful computing power can be widely used in scientific research and commercial innovation, such as astronomical exploration, weather forecasting, autonomous driving, oil exploration and other fields.

Huawei and the Netherlands StoryTemple, Italy AGS signed the AI joint solution development MoU

StoryTemple is a Dutch AI startup that specializes in interactive display platforms. The company developed a set of object recognition algorithms, which are mainly used in interactive demonstrations of exhibition halls, museums, etc. Huawei's Atlas artificial intelligence computing platform can effectively improve the training speed of the model and help it shorten the software product development process.

AGS is a leading provider of IT services and solutions for communications in Italy, focusing on the industry's most advanced hardware and software technologies: including artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0. Huawei and AGS will focus on the development of joint AI solutions for innovation in the manufacturing industry, intelligent quality inspection, smart account opening in the energy industry, and potential customer mining in the financial industry.

Huawei Intelligent Computing Upgrades HCIE Certification Release

Under the core driving force of the new round of industrial transformation, the scale of computing industry is developing rapidly, and the talent gap is huge. Based on this, in Europe, Huawei first released the intelligent computing professional certification and AI certification, which is divided into three categories of engineers, senior engineers and experts. It provides hierarchical training certification for ICT practitioners and develops IT technology. Field talent standards. Huawei Intelligent Computing Technology Service Department VP Lin Sheng said: "Intelligent computing officially released HCIE certification, is positioned in the calculation of ecological business insight, key technology and application system tuning, intelligent computing solution architecture design and application practices, intelligent computing solution technology The cultivation of capabilities such as applications will promote the continuous development of intelligent computing talents in the ICT industry."

With the theme of “ENABLE A DIGITALL CONNECTED FUTURE”, this conference aims to build an open, cooperative and shared platform to discuss with customers partners how to seize new opportunities to create a smart future.

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