Huawei PLC-IoT Ecological Alliance is established to win a new era of the Internet of Things

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[China, Dongguan, December 19, 2019] On December 19, the "Huawei PLC-IoT Ecological Alliance" sponsored by Huawei was formally established in Dongguan, with 43 industries from power, transportation, finance, fire protection and other industries The partners witnessed the establishment of the alliance at the conference.

PLC-IoT (Power Line Carrier IoT Technology) is an Internet of Things technology for mid-band PLC (Power Line Communication) power line carrier communication. Huawei pioneered the application of PLC technology in IoT scenarios, and deeply integrated with PLC-IoT technology through IPv6, multi-mode communication, edge computing and other capabilities to achieve high-speed, reliable, real-time, and long-distance transmission of data on power line media. In order to promote the wide application of this technology in various IoT scenarios, Huawei has been actively cooperating with solution partners in various industries such as power, transportation, and fire prevention since 2017, and has established the IoT of distribution, smart energy use, and smart intersections. , Smart finance, smart fire protection, smart navigation lights and many other innovative solutions. Currently, there are 73 initial members of the "Huawei PLC-IoT Ecological Alliance", which fully demonstrates the broad prospects and vitality of PLC-IoT technology in industrial applications.

Wang Chenxi, vice president of Huawei ’s data communications product line, addressed the establishment of the alliance. He said, “The PLC-IoT ecosystem alliance is an important part of Huawei ’s data communications developer ecosystem. Huawei is willing to build an ecological platform based on its core capabilities to support more partners. Create richer industry applications in the era of the Smart IoT. Huawei ’s fertile soil 2.0 plan released in September of this year is precisely to hope that our partners can blossom and achieve a win-win situation. This is an excellent and healthy ecology. "

The Huawei PLC-IoT Ecological Alliance takes “openness, innovation, and win-win” as its purpose, and works extensively with upstream and downstream ecological partners in various industries to consolidate industry consensus, increase synergy and interaction, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry. The Alliance released the "PLC-IoT Industry Development White Paper" at this conference, which systematically discussed the PLC-IoT technology architecture and technical advantages, typical application scenarios, and ecological cooperative development models, etc., and contributed the industry's overall framework for industrial development.

At the 2019 PLC-IoT Industry Development Forum held on the same day, China UnionPay Co., Ltd., Shandong Diandian Electric Group Xinneng Technology Co., Ltd., Wasion Group Co., Ltd., Nanjing Panneng Power Technology Co., Ltd., and Chongqing Youliang Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. and other industry partners also shared the typical applications and innovative practices of PLC-IoT in their respective industries. On the same day, Huawei and China UnionPay Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for a joint innovation project in edge computing and PLC payment scenarios, marking that PLC-IoT technology has opened up a new exploration in the financial field.

As the alliance consultant, Liu Jianming, director of the "Smart Grid Technology and Equipment" special committee of the Industrial Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, made an outlook on the development of the alliance: "PLC communication technology is applicable to many industries, and there will be more application scenarios in the future and more applications. Extensive. With the advancement of the energy Internet construction and the application of the Internet of Things technology in various industries, with the strong support of companies such as Huawei, I believe that the PLC-IoT ecosystem will definitely be established and the role of the alliance will certainly exceed current expectations. The goal."

The establishment of the Huawei PLC-IoT Ecological Alliance will accelerate the technological innovation and commercial deployment of PLC-IoT, promote the healthy development of the entire industry, and provide a stronger platform support for the development of PLC-IoT. Based on the alliance, Huawei will work more closely with the majority of ecological partners to go hand in hand in the era of digital transformation of the industry and the smart IoT to achieve a win-win situation.

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