First commercial 5G + five-star shopping mall released, Huawei develops industry white paper

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[China, Shenzhen, December 19, 2019] Today, the China Real Estate Industry Association's Commercial Cultural Tourism Real Estate Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "China Housing Association") joins hands with China Telecom, Huawei, China Information and Communication Academy, and the 5G application industry AIA) co-sponsored the "China's First Commercial 5G + Five-Star Shopping Center and Industry White Paper Launch Conference" at Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Plaza Shopping Center. China Housing Association and China Telecom awarded the title of "China's First Commercial 5G + Five-Star Shopping Center" to Shenzhen Yitian Holiday Plaza Shopping Center.

At the event, Ms. Cai Yun, Secretary General of the China Housing Society, Ms. Zhao Xiaoping, Deputy Chairman, Mr. Yin Jinqian, General Manager of China Shopping Center, Mr. Li Zhiqiang, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yitian Group, Mr. Chen Chuanfei, President of Huawei Indoor Digital Product Line, China Mr. Xu Yan, Deputy General Manager of Sales and Channel Development Division of Telecom Group, Mr. Yang Xiaofeng, Deputy General Manager of Guangdong Telecom, Mr. Shengfei Li, General Manager of Shenzhen Telecom, and 5G Application Industry Matrix of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly announced the launch of the “5G + Five Star Shopping Mall Industry White Paper” and Publish the results of industry promotion. At the same time, representatives from all parties made a joint initiative to open up 5G construction site resources and actively embrace 5G network construction, so that 5G truly becomes the infrastructure of commercial real estate buildings such as shopping malls and office buildings.

Ms. Cai Yun, secretary general of the China Housing Society, said: "The rapid development of information and communication technologies and applications has promoted the transformation of informatization in various areas of the economy and society. The deployment of 5G network capabilities will accelerate the transformation of traditional buildings to smart buildings, and will also The further accelerated development of the industry provides new opportunities. The commercial real estate consumption scene represented by shopping malls is also facing unprecedented rapid upgrading. As one of the important promoters of ecological R & D and development of the real estate industry in China, the China Real Estate Industry Association A continuously developing industry communication platform. With this platform, new technology development companies can design entertainment consumption scenarios and develop more applications. At the same time, shopping malls can choose better applications to upgrade scenarios. 2020 will continue to promote The upgrade of the shopping center's infrastructure provides a wide range of options for technology development companies, shopping malls and other application companies, and promotes industry exchange and development. "

Mr. Zheng Zhigang, Executive Director of Shenzhen Yitian Group and Chairman of Real Estate Group, said, "As a shopping mall that is compatible and integrated with traffic, the future use of 5G will bring about an update of business operation management models and a significant increase in operating efficiency. Bring more unique shopping experience and more diversified services to customers. As the nation's first '5G + five-star shopping mall', Shenzhen Yitian Holiday is more responsible to actively participate in the exploration of 5G commercial scenarios. Yitian Group, Yitian Under the guidance of the China Real Estate Association's "5G + Five-Star" standard, the Tourism Commercial Group will work closely with China Telecom to actively explore the use of 5G in commercial space scenarios in key cities and commercial projects in the country's strategic layout, so that 5G can empower the commercial future. Combine the possibilities of online and offline business. "

Mr. Xu Yan, deputy general manager of the Sales and Channel Development Division of China Telecom Group Co., Ltd. said: "China Telecom will actively respond to customer information consumption upgrade requirements, accelerate the entry of commercial complexes and pan-business cooperation arrangements, and jointly build a 5G smart living experience hall. And other new channels, build a cross-border integrated membership system, and jointly provide customers with 5G high-quality, differentiated, and immersive experience services. At the same time, China Telecom will rely on the core capabilities of '5G + Tianyi Cloud + AI' to promote the digital transformation of commercial real estate and Refined operation, providing one-stop integrated intelligent information solutions for shopping malls, merchants and customers, improving shopping mall management efficiency and reducing operating costs. "

Mr. Zhang Wenlin, President of the Strategy Department of Huawei, said: "5G networks can not only satisfy the rich mobile broadband business experience of star malls, but also an accelerator for the intelligent transformation of shopping malls. 5G empowers thousands of industries and requires a reliable indoor and outdoor , Secure and stable 5G network, 5G network as the infrastructure, from the first day of construction, has realized the simultaneous construction of indoor and outdoor networks. Huawei is willing to work with industry partners to explore a 5G network architecture for shopping mall business scenarios And requirements, promote application and standard landing, and adapt business scenarios to help 5G empower the commercial real estate industry. "

This event explored and summarized the development trend of the deep integration of 5G + five-star shopping mall industry, and how the combination of 5G and business can be quickly promoted and applied nationwide, and create more intelligent consumer IoT scenarios, which will accelerate the guidance of shopping malls. Digital transformation, advancing the adaptation, application and standardization of 5G + business scenarios, building a new 5G smart living ecosystem, and promoting the innovation and upgrade of Chinese commercial real estate companies have long-term significance.

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